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Mexico Outreach


LEADER: Miriam Sprague

DATES: May 9th - May 27th, 2016

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San Quintin, our second destination is an agricultural area. Our mission in San Quintin will be to work with farm workers' kids, many of whom are young child labors. We'll also be helping in an orphanage, an elderly home, and a house for recovering drug addicts.

Bahia de los Angeles, our third destination is in a remote area where there is hardly any ministry at all. This town has a high rate of sexual immorality and a high suicide rate. God is opening a door to bring the life giving truth of the Gospel. 

Baja California is located in the northwest peninsula of Mexico, on the border of California. One of its major cities, Tijuana, has the busiest border crossing in all of Mexico. It is known as a party town with many Americans crossing over to buy cheap drugs, alcohol and to find prostitutes. Tijuana biggest problem is human sex trafficking. A new study details the desperate situation - 1 in 4 sex workers in Tijuana say they were forced into the sex trade as a minor & 1 in 8 say they were 15 years old or younger when forced into the sex trade. Our mission in Tijuana will be to bring awareness on the matter os sex trafficking as well as doing street evangelism and prayer walks.